SABS Approved

G.B. Namaqua Investments complies with current legislation for the manufacturing of Namibian number plates.

All standard number plates are SABS certified - your guarantee for consistent high-quality products every time.

Number Plates Are Our Passion!

At G.B. Namaqua Investments we offer you the best of the best when it comes to new number plates for your vehicle. We make use of the latest technology in manufacturing Namibian number plates which are SABS approved.

From humble beginnings in 2011 when G.B. Namaqua Investments opened its doors for business, the company has gone from strength to strength, establishing itself as one of the leading manufacturers of cost-effective, high-quality approved number plates in Namibia - a result of our dedication and commitment to service excellence that has been part of the business process from the outset.

When ordering your new number plates from G.B. Namaqua Investments we promise you the following:

  • A truly first class product.
  • Dedicated telephone support should you need us.

Mission Statement

We are committed to customer excellence and strive to provide professional service every time. We combat crime and corruption by adhering to the National Traffic Laws.


Number Plates come in 4 different sizes to fit all vehicles:

  • 520mm x 113mm
  • 440mm x 120mm
  • 250mm x 205mm
  • 305mm x 165mm


The Standard Vehicle Registration Plates for Namibia are yellow fluorescent with imprints in black. This is the only legalised type of number plate that may be used on your vehicle.

Number plates are made while you wait. Or you can pre-order here.